Sunday, March 29, 2009

South Korea announces nuke-testing for three strikes

France, New Zealand, and now South Korea flirts with the codifying 'three strikes' into law.

South Koreans who are accused by intellectual property representatives of downloading unlicenced material will now get two warnings, and then have their internet rights taken away from them.

No, I just checked Wikipedia and everything - the South Korea isn't meant to be the one where people do as they're told and have only government-approved fun.

Why are the South Korean ISPs not fighting the proposals? It could be that they're about to launch a movie download service - and so, unusually, find their interests aligned with the copyright holders. It makes you wonder if anyone could create a less-fair system, where copyright holders will complain to their business partners, and their business partners have the right to terminate anyone's link to the web without the need for proof.

[hats tipped to Boing Boing]

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, no, noes! I understand you guys think you love and need your internet... and, surely, you do. But a south korean really, really, REALLY needs his internet. It's like taking away vitamin D milk from a black guy in Scotland, or sun block from a swede in Colombia.

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