Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EMI stick to what they know best

There's been some suggestion from crueller corners of the internet that Terra Firma are failing at running EMI because they don't know anything about music.

They seem to have taken on board the criticism, as EMI have just announced a plan which plays to their knowledge base: issuing credit cards.

Oh, yes, "top" EMI artists will soon be appearing on special credit cards. The combination of flattering the vanity of famous people, offering the chance to achieve a veneer of cool by having your daily business connected to music in some way, and stacking up loads and loads of unmanageable debt: it's a very Terra Firma indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought. Seeing how many popular artists try to pretend that they are anti money/corporations and such; that they are really artist, first and for most, who just happened, against their will to make all that money and that they are also rebels with no ties to The Man, is it really a good idea to put their images on credit cards? I mean, pretending that by buying a Pearl Jam or an MCR t-shirt, you are actually making a rebellious statement and getting close to the music and the true essence of humanity, instead of paying 3 times what a made in China t-shirt should be worth and putting money into corporate pockets is one thing...

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