Monday, April 20, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Must we fling this filth at our... oh, apparently, yes

If there's one thing that's been clear from the Sun's approach to the whole Andrew Sachs' answerphone story, it's that it was disgusting and wrong, and those involved should be butchered to a violent death to make amends.

Even this month, The Sun remains unequivocal, booming out from The Sun Says editorial page:

THE record £150,000 fine slapped on the BBC for broadcasting foul-mouthed insults hurts only licence-fee payers.

They will pick up the bill for a sick tirade by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand against 72-year-old comedy legend Andrew Sachs.

The smug multi-millionaire “stars” should be made to pay the penalty.

Until they do, viewers will rightly ask: Woss going on?

Brand and Ross are smug, and sick. It was tirade. The answerphone messages were a "foul-mouthed tirade".

Can you imagine anything, anything at all, worse than one of the smug pair being all smug about that unacceptable tirade? If we learn one thing from the Sun, it's that the phone calls weren't funny, and there's nothing more sickening than watching Ross and Brand making light of the calls.

Although... hang on, what's this in Bizarre this morning?
Now Brand's on Obama's voicemail
RUSSELL BRAND is back to his best on the radio – leaving cheeky messages for BARACK OBAMA and even joking with JONATHAN ROSS.

Jonathan Ross mocked Russell on air for being an unlikely West Ham fan because on the surface “he appears to be homosexual”.

This prompted another off the cuff song from Russell, reminiscent of the moment he rhymed “consensual” and “menstrual” in his Sachsgate song.

Sorry? It's almost as if... well, we're now treating the calls to Andrew Sachs as a big lark and... well, almost being smug about them. Why the change in attitude?
Ah, yes. Gordon was invited to the studio, gets to take an awkward-looking photo with Noel Gallagher and all of a sudden it turns out to have been a bit of a jape.

Best off all from Gordon's piece is this bit:
Russell told me: “I would love to spend more time talking to Noel on radio and what better thing to discuss than sport and football?

“I spoke to Jonathan Ross, I left an voicemail message and so far no one from the Daily Mail seems troubled.”

Ah ha ha, yes, the silly old Daily Mail. The silly, silly newspaper that got all over-excited about the Andrew Sachs phone calls and called for Brand and Ross' head. That would have been the newspaper that did that. It's not like The Sun joined in at all.


James said...

*David Attenborough voice* "Many have spoken of it. Occasionally we have seen evidence of its existence, from huge editorial U-turns to sycophantic 'My Story' interviews with former hate-targets. But here we see, for the first time captured on film, the elusive Reverse Ferret."

Anonymous said...

Did Noel get that eye meltingly bad jacket by collecting tokens from bottles of Jif lime or something? Or is it a Pretty Green ensemble?

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