Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Telegraph don't let facts get in the way of a good story

Roughly, it's estimated that Doctor Who costs £770,000 an episode. So does the Telegraph really believe that the three-minute Radio One ad cost £700,000?

The advert is estimated to have cost up to £700,000 – for facilities, crew, animal hire, costumes, special effects and production time

Really? says who?
– according to advertising sources.

Oh. "Advertising sources". You should have asked a bloke down the pub, Telegraph. Blokes down the pub are great at estimating the costs of producing something that, by definition, they haven't seen.


James said...

Pinewood? Crew? Animal hire? Blimey, in my day we got adverts like these and we were happy with them.

simon h b said...

Bloody hell - "vintage" advert? Surely it's not long ago enough to be vintage. And it's got Lisa I'Anson in it, which surely would mean, if anything, it's just old?

Still, who'd have put money on Tim Westwood being the only one still on the network in 2009? Proves the value of a good breakfast,

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