Friday, April 03, 2009

Whigfield: Tommy Scott

The first I heard about the death of Tommy Scott was while catching up on this week's Marc Riley shows (brilliant session this week from Piney Gir, by the way). On Monday night, Marc read out an email expressing shock at the death of Scott.

Trouble is, the lead singer of Space wasn't actually dead. It seems an ill-judged prank had taken place, with a headed paper news release coming from his new band The Drella's record company. Some people were surprised to find out that a man they believed to be in fine fettle was being pronounced dead; others were equally surprised to find out that he still had a record deal.

Scott isn't dead, and - although he had been victim of a tasteless joke - you might think he's just starting to milk it with a second day of interviews on the subject. It's a bit worrying when you need "not being dead" to gather any press coverage...


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