Saturday, May 09, 2009

Amy Winehouse gig interrupted by God

Amy Winehouse's comeback - handily located near the bars of the hotels of St Lucia - ended in a a bit of a mess. Because of technical difficulties:

In a statement, her spokesman said: "Amy would like to express her disappointment that weather forced the abandonment of her show at the St Lucia Jazz Festival last night.

"The set started well, but as the heavens opened, a number technical difficulties occurred on stage, culminating with the lighting rig failing for two songs.

"In addition, rain began to flood the technical wings at the side of the stage which caused sound problems. Amy and the band tried to soldier on but the set had to be cut short.

"Amy is very disappointed as St Lucia has been wonderful to her and its people have welcomed her with open arms, but circumstances beyond anyone's control meant that this special show did not go as planned."

That's the official explanation.

Cynics - or 'people who saw it' - take a less charitable view:
Despite that fans have criticised her performance. Local resident Ben said her singing was "painful".

He added: "What a wasted talent."

At one stage Winehouse appeared to forget the words to a song and told the crowd, "Sorry, I'm bored".

On this occasion, both sides could be right - it is possible the act of god canceled the show, but only because God was crying when he saw how terribly it was going.

I'm not sure what that would mean for the insurance.

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