Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Winehouse surprises

Bizarre is leading this morning with the news that Amy Winehouse has canceled a gig.

Yes. They held the front page for that.

A pal said: "She is drinking like a lunatic and there was no way she'd be ready to perform.

"She still has too many demons to fight. It is such a shame."

One of those close pals who see their close friend struggling, and sniff "she's like a loony. What a shame."

Meanwhile, Amir Khan has taken the hump at some imagined slight from Michael Jackson. In one of the increasingly implausible excuses for the cancellation of Jackson gigs, someone suggested it was "other shows" at the O2 interfering with rehearsals. Khan has decided this was a jibe at his boxing plans, and reacted with the splendid overreaction you'd expect from someone who punches people for a living:
“Tell Michael if he wants to come to my trainer Freddie Roach’s gym I’ll show him what it takes to prepare and rehearse properly.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Michael Jackson but I was annoyed to read his comments.

“I’m annoyed he used my fight as the reason for letting down fans. Now it’s up to me to light up the O2.”

To celebrate this attempt to flog some tickets to the boxing, Gordon has had his Photoshop team do their best to, erm, mock up Khan beating a punchbag with Jackson's face on it.

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