Friday, May 22, 2009

Ross: It's on tape already

Presumably so Bob Shennan is able to sleep soundly at nights, Jonathan Ross' Radio 2 programme is going to be pre-recorded in the future.

Well, the programme will be recorded in the past, obviously, but this will be happening in the future. Or from now on:

However, from tomorrow's broadcast, his Radio 2 show will move to being pre-recorded "as live" each week on Fridays, giving the BBC the chance to edit out any gaffes or questionable content.

If the programme is edited, then it's not exactly "as live", is it?

The BBC News story is interesting:
[The Radio 2 spokesperson] did not confirm whether listeners will be told the show had been pre-recorded when it is aired.

Really? Because it's not like BBC Radio has even got into difficulties sticking out a programme without letting on it has been taped, is it?


Caspar said...

Sorry to be pedantic, but an 'as live' recording is a valid name for recording technique that still leaves the option for editing. Question Time uses the same technique.

simon h b said...

Fair point - they did say recorded as live, not broadcast as live.

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