Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Canadian intellectual property capitalists display taste for irony

Wonderfully, the "independent" researchers appointed by The Conference Board of Canada to investigate copyright law turn out to have produced their report stressing the importance of respect for intellectual property by, erm, copying other people's work.

Oh, and attempts to produce a genuinely impartial report were undermined when the funders - copyright holders, since you ask - tried to get the contents changed to reflect their own interests.

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DrBOP said...

Been following this group of shysters for 20 years now...corrupt from the beginning...and always used as a source by mainstream media...hoping that net bloggers will FINALLY kill this groups credibility...but as long as there are conservadicks out there willing to fund mouthpieces we will have to continue playing whack-a-mole with their wolfs clothing droppings.
PS GREAT blog by the way...keep on chooglin'!!!

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