Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dowloadable: Alun Woodward ascends to peerage, release album

Whatever happened to Alun Woodward after The Delgados? It turns out he changed into Lord Cut-Glass, and is about to release an album.

And what an album it sounds:

It is an album comprising one man’s refined grasp of the musical form, an idiosyncratic pursuit that’s unmistakably in the lineage of independent Scottish music. With its beguiling application of eclectic even anachronistic styles, sharply recalled sense and scene, it is the product of a febrile mind… “At the start of recording I got Scarlet Fever and stayed in bed for ages, reading my girlfriends books.” Explains Woodward of Lord Cut-Glass’ creation, “I read Under Milk Wood in a feverish state and decided I would call myself after one of the characters”.

That's from the press release, but the record is on Chemikal Underground and thus, I think, their press blurbs can be given a little more credence than, say, something promoting a new Mariah Carey record.

The album is self-titled, as indeed is Lord Cut-Glass.

And if you'd like a hint of how it might sound - well, why not download Even Jesus Couldn't Love You?