Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Yup, still dead

A sign that your Michael Jackson coverage is starting to wear a little thin: Gordon Smart is running a testimony about how normal MiJa was.

The testimony comes from David Gest, which makes the word "normal" somewhat relative.

He first got to know Michael Jackson when he called at the house to take the Thriller star’s sister, La Toya, on a date.

David said: “It was just puppy love, nothing serious. La Toya had the flu so Michael — who was nearly 12 at the time — asked me to drive him to a memorabilia sale. I had no clue what memorabilia even was at that time.”

Judging by Gest's subsequent story-arc, he was a quick study on that one.

The Sun has one of those moments today where it suddenly forgets its usual honking agenda. Because at the heart of The Sun's worldview is that freeloaders are bad, right? Like the posh squatters:
The freeloaders were chased out of the property in the exclusive Clarges Mews by bailiffs and sniffer dogs.

Yes! Well done the bailiffs, kicking out those freeloaders who don't pay their way. Boo! Freeloaders!

It turns out, though, that if you've pissed away a multi-million fortune on drugs and wigs, then not settling those debts is absolutely fine:
Clan strip digs and foil bailiffs

Hurrah! For the... um, freeloading... boo... the bailiffs now...?