Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson: Remember him?

Readers of yesterday's Guardian Films & Music supplement might have been a little confused. While every TV and radio channel was blaring out opinion-honks stressing that Michael Jackson was the greatest musician ever, and how his loss was stealing us of a brilliant, still-vibrant talent, the newspaper had asked dozens of people who the greatest working musician was, and - despite Jacko having been alive and working when the question was posed - nobody thought to mention him.

It's almost as if Jackson could only be the greatest living artist by, erm, dying.


Laura Brown said...

It's good to see Mike D of the Beastie Boys gave that bit of space-filler the respect it deserved.

Paul Solomon said...

The last two days, no matter where you were in the world, if you looked at a newspaper or turned on a TV, you saw the face of Michael Jackson. On Friday night's half-hour broadcast of "NBC Nightly News" host Brian Williams spent three minutes discussing news other than Michael Jackson.

Now that the shock has warn off, fans are celebrating Jackson's life, rather than mourning his death. News of possible drug use is surfacing in the Jackson case, and to fill the time, reporters are now discussing his financial empire, which is in disarray. But we already new that.

The news media is now finding time to devote to other matters: the economy, unrest in Iran, global warming, Bernie Madoff, and Gov. Mark Sanford, the wacky Republican governor from South Carolina, who disappeared for most of last week. His Wednesday news conference caused a media frenzy, but the Michael Jackson news temporarily saved him from media scrutiny. Now he's back. We all love a good scandal.

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