Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Or maybe LaToya... and... perhaps Liz Taylor?"

The Daily Telegraph uses the comfort blanket of "it has been reported" to try and distance itself from running this piece of speculation:

Janet Jackson could take her brother Michael Jackson's place for some of the concerts he was due to perform at London's O2 Arena, it has been reported.

The four remaining members of the Jackson 5 may also appear as a backing band if some of the 50 scheduled shows go ahead despite the 50year-old's death.

Promoters are said to be in talks with Michael Jackson's siblings about filling in at some of the concerts, and may also be considering honouring all the dates by projecting a digital image of Jackson onto the stage.

Ah, yes. I paid seventy five quid to see the King Of Pop (TM) and instead see someone projecting a slide of a dead guy onto the stage alongside Randy Jackson. I'm not going to feel cheated, am I?