Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Polka News Network: Mad as Krall, and not taking it any more

The Grammy Committee's decision to deem polka a non-music enrages commentator Ken Krall:

Many stations do provide a polka show during a little-listened-to time slot, like Sunday morning. Oddly enough, the shows always draws listeners. I've had professional types come up to me in hushed tones to say "I listen to the polka show,” as in "don't tell anybody." I felt a little like a priest in the confessional, but it still is nice to have someone say they listen.

A guy wrote me an email awhile ago saying there's no polka music on the radio in Milwaukee. Milwaukee! I really believe that if some station in that market could bust out of the cookie-cutter radio thinking you would find an audience, and they would be surprised. And radio dudes, with audience comes advertising. It might not be in the younger demo, but do the kids even have the money these days?

Krall's suggestion? That polka fans set up their own awards ceremony.

They should. On the same night as the Grammys. I know which I'd choose. (Clue: not the one where Eminem collaborating with Jamie Cullum would be seen as cutting-edge.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of either but I must say that Eminem and Jamie Cullum doing polka would be awesome.

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