Saturday, June 06, 2009

RIAA ask judge to stop Thomas from objecting to their stuff

The ability of the RIAA legal team in the Capitol case against Jammie Thomas to make themselves look foolish is always a thing of joy.

You'd have thought, at the very least, they'd have confidence in the copyrights they're defending. But it turns out maybe not [pdf link] as they're trying to get the judge to stop the defence from challenging the legitimacy of the copyright proof they've submitted in the case.

The RIAA team insist it's not fair to expect them to provide certified copies of the copyright certificates:

Her objection is now untimely and will serve only to force Plaintiffs to unnecessarily expend resources on an issue upon which there is no dispute.

Hang about - are they really saying "there is no dispute, so stop them from disputing on this point"? And since when did the RIAA legal team start to worry about pissing away money on pointless causes? Isn't that their entire raison d'etre?

[via Recording Industry v The People]