Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Songwriterobit: Kenny Rankin

Lung cancer has claimed the life of Kenny Rankin, songwriter and musician.

Signing to Decca records while still a teenager, Rankin's solo work (peaking on 1976's The Kenny Rankin Album) was perhaps outshone by his contributions to other's work. His guitar is on Bringing It All Back Home; his backing vocals are on the Beatles' Blackbird. He wrote the standards Peaceful, Haven't We Met and In The Name Of Love.

Having spent much of the 1980s concentrating on live music, Rankin returned to the recording studio for the mid-90s albums Professional Dreamer and Here In My Heart.

Kenny Rankin, who was 69, is survived by three children.

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Robbin said...

Silver morning is one of the finest songs I've ever heard, on a lot of levels. To this day I'm sorry that when Kenny played at the Kauai Resort he didn't play his second set. I was singing along with him. I had two of his albums and knew all the words. He asked me to stop singing, with an attitude. I apoligized with a compliment, ( I thought ) He didn't come out for the 2nd performance. I had two tickets. I don't blame him. He is great but Kauai is a tough crowd. 69 is to young to die. His music will be missed. RB

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