Monday, June 15, 2009

Virgin closes New York store

There is one store left winding up, in Hollywood, but the closure of the Union Square Virgin Megastore in New York is effectively the end of the retailer in the US:

“It’s clear that the model of the large entertainment specialist working in a large space is not going to work in the future,” said Simon Wright, the chief executive of Virgin Entertainment Group, North America.

Perhaps part of the problem was a mindset that saw "entertainment" as a specialisation in itself, rather than a top level description.

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Jack said...

I do have a fond memory of that shop. Back in 2003 I was on holiday and I'd just been to buy a couple of tickets to see Supergrass at the Irving Plaza. I found that shop and was trying to find a copy of the new Loudon Wainwright record, only to find that nobody had heard of him. They were, however, perfectly happy to sell me a copy of Rufus's latest album. Sadly, at that time, I'd never heard of him.

Not a particularly interesting story, I admit.

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