Monday, July 06, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Optimus Prime was busy

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha. This morning, Bizarre is guest-edited by Sacha Baron Cohen in his guise as Bruno. It's a crazy inversion of everything we've come to expect from Bizarre - a straight man pretending to be gay running articles that are intentionally trite and meaningless. A complete inversion.

Opinion is divided on Bruno, as to whether it's a comedy which satirizes homophobes and racists, or if it's actually a bunch of racist and homophobic stereotyping that is Making Some Sort Of Point. I wonder if this large advert for the film will clarify matters?

EMINEM pretended he'd never had a guy so close before at ze MTV Movie Awards.

But vhen I vas down zere soon ze real Slim Shady began to stand up.

Ich vould love to get zat vay mit BRYAN ADAMS.

Vould be real Summer Of 69.

Wow. This has got to be Baron Cohen's most searing satire since he dressed up in a shell suit and sunglasses to shock the world with the discovery that Sir Rhodes Byson didn't understand street slang. I mean, seriously:
"Paris Hilton is everything I despise in people. She dresses to get attention, she's a real name-dropper - Orlando Bloom told me zat. Und she is fame obsessed - she's alvays standing next to me on ze red carpet."

This is the sort of thing that Benny Hill was doing decades ago - although, to be fair, Hill would only have worn a neckerchief and a pastel shirt to be dressed up like a gay.


Robin Carmody said...

Baron-Cohen, Gervais, Murray, Lucas/Walliams ... all have used the cloud of irony without any of them appearing to realise that most of their fans don't even understand the word. They represent the danger of the middle class assuming that everyone thinks on the same level they themselves do, and accordingly abdicating responsibility.

In some small way they may even bear part of the responsibility for the BNP's electoral success.

Darren H said...

I thought the "Summer of 69" ("sixty-nine" geddit?! hyuk hyuk!") implication was intentional on Mr Adams's part anyway wasn't it?

Olive said...

Darren H is absolutely correct:

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