Monday, July 13, 2009

Gordon in the morning: A sudden moment of clarity

Bad news for the cleaners at Wapping; it sounds like there might be a lot of eye-scales to clear up around Gordon's desk this morning:

Allen is just a Lil bit predictable

LILY Allen flouts ban on smoking, boasts about getting drunk & swears like trooper at T In Park

To be fair to Lily, though, there isn't any real indication why the latest swearing and drinking and smoking is "predictable" and dull, rather than getting Gordon to stand on his hindlegs applauding this behaviour. Isn't this sort of thing usually given the pubescent "caner of the year" award?

Elsewhere, the not-actually-surprising news that Duncan James from Blue likes boys as well as girls seems to surprise Gordon:
FANS were reeling yesterday after pop heart-throb DUNCAN JAMES admitted: "I'm bisexual."

Actually, that is surprising - Blue still have fans?

Why, though, does Gordon insist that your sexuality is something you "admit", like a murder or illegal phone-tapping? Perhaps James could have come out earlier if the tabloids didn't treat love like it was seedy.

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Anonymous said...

Even if we accept the suggestion that there are still people out there who spend their time listening to Blue, I'm more confused by the "reeling" part of the statement. Are there still pop fans out there who would be shocked to discover that their "heart-throb" isn't as straight as his "My favourite colour..." Look-In interview suggests? I'm not going to pretend that homophobia isn't still widespread but I'll go ahead and assume that they weren't the Blue demographic in the first place.

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