Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Welcome to the cheap seats

Can this story really be true?

IT sounds like the worst piece of theatre ever thought of but AMY WINEHOUSE: The Musical may be coming to a stage near you.

No, of course it isn't true. What Gordon is reporting as if it was a fully-formed idea seems to be little more than whimsy on the part of Winehouse's brother:
The star's brother Alex reckons an all-singing, all-dancing production based on the singer's life would be a fantastic way to celebrate her chart comeback.

He says: "Amy is much better. I think one day there could be a musical of Amy's life.

"You just don't ever know how far things can go these days - look at all this talk of a JADE GOODY musical."

One day, Gordon is going to be sitting near a hungry celebrity, and we're going to see a story yelling "Robert Palmer is intending to eat an entire horse" within hours.


C. Bottomley said...

Considering Robert Palmer is dead, that will be some scoop.

Olive said...

Isn't a musical of Amy Winehouse's career going to be a couple of decent songs followed by 45 minutes of the lead actress staggering about before falling into the orchestra pit?

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