Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jet become unwitting Placebo tribute act

After Brian Molko's collapse on stage the other night, Nic Cester has followed suit:

Aussie Rocker Nic Cester from JET collapsed tonight on stage at Q The Music Club Live At Hard Rock Café as part of the worldwide promotional tour for the band's upcoming CD, SHAKA ROCK.

The singer had been unwell all day but insisted on coming to the gig and not letting fans down. JET took to the stage at 8pm GMT and performed "Rip It Up" and She's A Genius" before Nic passed out.

Nic got up on his feet and jokingly told the audience he had Swine Flu before collapsing for a second time.

Nic was walked off stage by the band's tour management leaving Cam, Chris and Mark to soldier on to perform 3 more songs - "Holiday," "Beat On Repeat" And "Get What You Need."

Nic was rushed to University College Hospital in Euston, London, UK in an ambulance and is being treated for symptoms of gastroenteritis, acute vomiting and dehydration. The singer will be held overnight for monitoring.

I'm not sure playing an overprice tourist cafe is quite the gig it's worth putting your health at risk for, but I suppose you have to admire his commitment to ensuring the show must go on. Even if you'd perhaps rather it hadn't.

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