Friday, September 11, 2009

Briefly Beatles: Sky News announce iTunes, retract

For a short period earlier this week, Sky News was apparently reporting an announcement by Yoko Ono of The Beatles coming to iTunes:

The story kicked off with the headline:

“The whole of the Beatles back catalogue will be made available to buy on iTunes, Yoko Ono has told Sky News.”

But almost immediately after publishing the story Sky News killed it, leaving nothing but a blank page in its wake. Google News had a cache of it for a brief time, but that too has apparently disappeared in record time.

Techcrunch speculated this might have spoiled the big surprise that Steve Jobs had yet to unveil, and that Apple heavies had forced Sky News to recant.

(Oh, as if - for, as James Murdoch has made expressly clear, Sky News is run to make money, and profit guarantees independence from such machinations, right?)

It turns out, though, that Yoko was speaking out of turn and Sky News pulled the story in interests of not being totally inaccurate.

[Thanks to Michael M]