Sunday, September 20, 2009

Civil served: Curious story in today's News Of The World

There's a really curious story in the News Of The World this morning. It's not just odd because it paints Blake Fielder-Civil in a good light, but because it seems to be based entirely on his mum standing nearby while he was on the phone to Amy Winehouse:

The ex-jailbird is not allowed to see Amy or give interviews as it would breach his parole licence - but his mum was there when he phoned Amy on Tuesday afternoon.

Georgette Civil heard him say: "I will give up £6million to show you how much I love you."

And afterwards he told Georgette: "I am not a parasite, I am not a gold-digger. I've always just told wanted her for her love, not her money."

So, having decided to leave off the actual illegal monitoring of communications used by the paper in the era before Andy Coulson left the NOTW for Conservative Party HQ, they're now relying on gossipy relatives, are they?

The story is clouded by the revelation that Georgette is writing a kiss-and-tell book - for charity. And then even more clouded:
Blake then asked her to drop a lawsuit against Georgette for giving the star's love letters to him to the News of the World.

Apparently Blake asked Amy to drop the lawsuit because Georgette is "just a hairdresser", although whenabouts in the salon you give private documents to journalists isn't clear - is that before you put them under the drier, or after?