Friday, September 25, 2009

Comes With Music comes with longer contracts

The slowly sinking Comes With Music Service has waved a distress flag in the UK, offering its few customers a free contract extension as it suddenly realises it has no idea how to handle renewals. Reuters explains:

Nokia had said previously that consumers could extend their 12 month music packages on a monthly-basis through mobile operators. But the first subscribers in Britain were prepaid clients to the 12 month music package, and were not linked to particular operators.

Analysts said Nokia's latest move also reflects the company's uncertainty about how to renew subscriptions for customers who do not have an operator package and who do not want to buy a new phone with the service.

There's added uncertainty, as it's not clear where the money for the tracks downloaded by subscribers will come from. Clearly, Nokia isn't afraid of losing its shirt on this deal - so there can't be much expectation of anyone actually using CWM that much. And now they've got three months to try and work out how to make the system work.

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