Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Remembering Robbie Williams

Lord, it must be days since Gordon filed a story - or something a bit like a story - to remind us that Robbie Williams is about to release another record.

Luckily, he's got something today, more or less:

move to the Land Down Under.

The singer has said he is looking for a farm or beachfront retreat in Oz after a premonition by his girlfriend AYDA FIELD.

Really? Or... could this just be line he's spinning to Australia to try and shore up his market there?
Robbie mentioned the move on Australia's biggest breakfast radio show on station 2DayFM, which is being guest-hosted by DANNII MINOGUE.

How great must it be to have Dannii Minogue as your holiday cover? You'd never get that nasty feeling on the third day of "what if my cover is better than me at my job", would you?

Oh... hang on, did you say Robbie is thinking of moving to Australia, Gordon? Doesn't that require some lazy cliche?
In fairness to him, it's a wise move.

The chances of throwing another shrimp on the barbie in the sleepy Wiltshire village he now calls home are slim now autumn is here.

The inability to grill seafood outdoors after the trees start to turn is absolutely the best reason to move thousands and thousands of miles.

But this isn't really about Australia, or even barbecues, is it, Gordon?
nd he told Dannii that a track on his new album, Reality Killed The Video Star, which is out on November 9, is about his stunning missus.

Ah, that's the money shot. One last piece of Australian cliche for luck?
Fair dinkum, mate.

Thank you.