Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Wayne Rooney apologises to the mosh pit

It's amusing watching the little dribble of stories trying to somehow build interest in the new Stereophonics album by suggesting that Wayne Rooney is a big fan. There was one on Newsbeat the other day, and today Gordon has one:

Wayne, 23, is a huge fan of the Welsh rockers, who were playing at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, North London.

But a witness said: "Graham [Rooney's brother] and the friend were bouncing around, knocking into people and spilling their pints.

"At one point a minor scuffle broke out. Wayne was taking people aside to excuse their antics."

Only at a Stereophonics gig would someone dancing look so out of place, you'd not only have to apologise but it would become a news story.

Elsewhere, Gordon has the inside scoop on the Sugababes split. Or something like it:
Mock-roach ... our mock-up of Heidi Range as a cockroach

Yes. There's a photomontage where Heidi's face has been dumped on a picture of a cockroach because... um...
Sugababes - who The Sun yesterday dubbed the Cockroaches Of Pop for surviving three line-up changes - recently signed a multi-million Pound deal with JAY-Z's label Roc Nation.

Oh, yes. Because of that. That would be worth drawing more attention to.

Didn't The Beatles survive three line-up changes?


Anonymous said...

So, the Sugababes' management are happy to stand up and say 'this is not a band, it's a brand'. How terribly post-modern of them.

The product won't be any different, any more than groceries from your local Tesco would be different if they replaced all the checkout staff.

Qu: have there been any other bands that swapped out ALL of their members?

simon h b said...

It's not unknown on the tribute/heritage circuit - Mark Steel used to explain philosophy with reference to the conundrum of 'if the Four Tops I saw contained none of the original four, have I really seen The Four Tops'.

And in the 1960s, Liverpool act The Fourmost just sold on the name to a brand new band when they wanted to move on.

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