Friday, September 11, 2009

Having a sweary name is all fun and games until it costs you money

Starfucker are no longer going to call themselves Starfucker. It turns out the 'fuck' bit was a bit of a stumbling block when it came to getting slots on kids TV programmes, tours, and radio.

Whoever would have guessed that, eh?

[Lead fucker Josh] Hodges: “[We've talked about a name change] for at least over a year. [Our tour manager] was really encouraging us to change our name because we lost out on all these tours like the L.A. tour that Passion Pit got on—they got big after that tour. Nobody wants to tour with us, basically. That’s why we’ve never done an opening slot, we’ve always done headlining tours…it’s weird. It’s [the bands'] managers and their people that are like ‘oh, they’re gonna chase away the little tweener fans’ or whatever. Their parents aren’t going to fund them to go to the show. Which I guess I can understand. But no one really cares, it’s just they’re afraid that people will care. Most people don’t care but the fear of people caring has hurt us (laughs).”

Josh concludes that he'd rather be able to pay the rent than be "cool" . But is having a name with fuck in - like nine thousand other bands - actually cool, though? Isn't it the a band name with a swearage the equivalent of pretending to be called Seymour Butts?

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