Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marilyn Manson doesn't even have swine flu

Although Manson claimed on both Twitter and Facebook that he had swine flu, it turns out that even his illness is duller than he'd have us believe:

According to the Canadian Press, Gillett Entertainment Group and Live Nation have denied that Marilyn Manson has contracted the H1N1 virus (commonly known as swine flu), and have confirmed that he is still playing his last remaining Canadian tour date: tonight (Saturday, September 26) in Moncton, New Brunswick. (Manson also played last night in Halifax.)

Blabbermouth reports that he's now removed the claims of swine flu from his Facebook:
He subsequently wrote, "That illness tried and lost. I am fully functioning. Not sick. My mental health is still up for dispute. Don't worry, world. I am not contagious. Just my goddamn music is."

Well, yes, I suppose it is contagious - a bit like swine flu, it's nowhere near the threat it would like to be, nobody really wants it and it does nothing to make you feel good. And it's best washed away as quickly as possible.

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