Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Microsoft come up with idea to make music "better"

Microsoft have lagged behind Apple in the music stakes, but they've come up with a cracking new idea to put themselves at the heart of the modern music world: they're coming up with a way to put DRM in peer-to-peer shared music.

Yes, that's right: you'll not only pay for the infrastructure and the data costs of the music sharing, but thanks to Microsoft, you'll also not actually own the tracks. Who couldn't fail to love that idea?

Information Week is saying this idea could "revive" peer-to-peer networks, as if they'd somehow vanished in the face of RIAA lawsuits. It's unlikely to even revive DRM, to be honest. Users have constantly made it clear they don't like digital locks - it's unlikely that they're going to embrace a system which expects them to distribute the padlocks when somebody else has the keys.

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