Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rare Sinatra

There's something charming that a star with the heft of Nancy Sinatra has a website that looks like it was knocked together as a school project in the early years of the decade; even more charming is the news of Cherry Smiles.

It's a self-released collection of stuff that previously had only come out on dusty 45 RPM singles (they were dusty when they were delivered to the shops; it was in the contract). Obviously, Lee Hazlewood pops up, but so too does Ry Cooder and Duane Eddy. Digital-only, you can buy it at Amazon.


Bill Moynihan said...

Your dismissive, snarky commentary on Nancy Sinatra's, Cherry Smiles indicates to me that you did not actually listen to the collection. These are tracks long sought by her fans I'm certain that an artist of Ms. Sinatra's stature, who has songs that have continued in mass popularity for more than 40 years, deserves far more respect than you have given her here in your blog.

simon h b said...

Well, that's just weird.

Bill, I love Nancy Sinatra. That's why I said it was charming that there's a new collection of old stuff out.

It doesn't alter the fact that the website looks like it was put together to get a level one NVQ, and, erm, I said that I found that quite charming too.

In fact - given that this is probably one of the warmest and most generous posts I've made in years about an artist who I love - I'm not quite sure what your beef is.

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