Monday, September 28, 2009

The world waits for Westwood

This evening - and it'll be marked on your year planners and wall calendars, so it comes as no surprise - Tim Westwood takes over drivetime on 1Xtra.

John Plunkett has peeked into the plans:

If you have seen the trailer for the Westwood show, then you will know he is not in the habit of taking himself too seriously. At least, I hope he isn't. "I think people take me far too seriously. Hip-hop in 2009 is about having fun with it, man." But I fear his plans for a couple of comedy characters, Russell Bendy and Dr Lover Lover, might be slightly misjudged.

With his sommelier's nose for porridge and a crew of crazy characters, surely this man is crying out for a breakfast slot? He could do it on the way home.

Westwood arrives with traffic news from 4pm this afternoon. Drivetime did for Des Lynham - can Tim survive?