Monday, October 26, 2009

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: Jackson not actually all that popular after all

How soon we forget, it turns out. Just a couple of months ago, Michael Jackson was a giant of modern music, peerless and loved as much as a singer could be. Now, it turns out the This Is It album might struggle to reach the half-million sales mark.

Whoever can explain such a situtation? Step forward premier HMV Jackologist, Gennaro Castaldo:

"At the time of his death the response was very emotional," said Gennaro Castaldo, spokesman for the HMV music retail chain.

"But there is a question as to whether that is as potent this time around. There is not that emotional intensity."

In other words, then, we've gone from thinking that Jackson is the bestest thing ever to have happened, to wondering if he's actually anywhere near as good as that Cheryl Cole.

Talking of whom, she's number one. Can you explain that, Gennaro? Why, yes, he can:
Gennaro Castaldo, head of press at music giant HMV said: “Cheryl’s smashed it. She’s got the best-selling single of the year so far.

That is thanks to her broad appeal and superstar status.”

So she's popular because, erm, she's popular. Hold it, Gennaro - don't let too much daylight in on magic, there.