Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Google looking for tunes

Google is about to crank up the usefulness of its music search, by offering more direct links to play and buy tracks. But here, let them tell you about it:

The taking a lyric and offering a preview of the song its from is pretty neat. Depending on how well it works, of course.

Interesting that it doesn't seem to offer a link to YouTube videos of the songs.

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illicitizen said...

You too can use the internets to find the same crap that made Napster famous for providing free links to Major Label drivel. Colour me non-plussed. Type in "Ludus" and it is far from finding Linder Sterling. Still I guess this won't keep BMGSONYWARNERUNIVERSALEMI from peeing themselves about the internet stealing their latest Kanye Swift crap.

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