Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just because you're Courtney Love and paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you

Courtney Love tells the New York Daily News about the latest subsect of everyone who is out to get her:

One night, Love says, "a flood of guys, at least 10, came to my house. They said there was an ambulance outside, even though we never saw one. I tried to be charming. But one of the guys points a gun at me. My daughter, Frances, ran and hid under the house."

Love says the standoff was defused by a private investigator she'd hired and who later urged her to get tighter security.

Yes, there's a private investigator who backs up her story:
Corroborating Love's harrowing tale are Adam DelMonte and Michael Kenworthy of AC Digital Services, who say they recorded the "blitz" on security cameras they installed in Love's house. "These impostors then flipped the situation on Mrs. Cobain and tried to strong-arm her and scare her into feeling she needed to hire them for protection," DelMonte and Kenworthy assert in a letter. "Fortunately, we were able ... to get them out of her life."

So, there's someone who backs up her story about people turning up demanding money and offering to protect her in return. And he's helping protect her and gets money in return for it.

Love has moved to New York and, with the help of other people she's paying, is seeking to put her affairs in some sort of order. She does realise she's got a challenge, though:
"My biggest problem," she says tearfully, "is that I'm Courtney Love."

Or at least used to be.

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