Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mika's no need for a mic-ah

Bob Lefzetz went to see Mika play Hollywood yesterday. I say 'play'; his review makes it clear any actual playing had taken place at another time and place:

Mika would move his head away from the mic, but his vocal would remain perfect. But when he spoke, there was distortion, a distinct lack of clarity. That’s what live sounds like. Most of the time tonight, it was Memorex.

I’ve been to so many shows, and I’ve never heard sound like this. So perfect, it doesn’t sound like the record, it IS the record!

I’m not saying everybody’s mic was turned off, that no one was plugged in. But I don’t think Jeff Pevar could get that acoustic guitar sound live. And, who are all these Mikas doing the backup vocals if he’s singing the lead?

Lefsetz does concede that there wasn't much need for Mika to bother singing, as his audience weren't really interested in music anyway - they had a good time.

And, indeed, provides a measure of exactly who the audience were:
People were lining up to pay for balloon hats.

If you're shoveling over cash for a balloon hat, who would be bothered what's happening on stage?


Anonymous said...

He has NEVER MIMED!!!!!!!!! EVER!!
-he has Martin, Erika, Cherisse, Jimmy and David doing backing vocals you fool..yeah he makes people sing as well as play instruments but you obviously aren't used to listening to people with genuine TALENT!!!
If you want to slate people make sure you have the facts which you obviously haven't in this know what they say..assumtion makes an ass out of YOU!

-written by someone who actually knows MIKA sings live!...for a fact!-

simon h b said...

Forgive me, anonymous, but faced with a choice between someone who uses so many exclamation marks and capitals and Bob Lefsetz, I think I'd be leaning towards Lefsetz.

By the way, what they actually say is 'don't assume, because it makes an ass out of you and me' - which, as Harry Venning once pointed out, is a bon mot which only works if you assume your audience will be familiar with the American usage of the word 'ass' to mean an idiot; and assume your audience are capable of understanding wordplay.

James said...

I liked Samuel L Jackson's version in The Long Kiss Goodnight; "When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and umption"

Frank Grimaldi said...

I saw Mika in New York. He sang live for the entire show. Of course, there were "enhancements" to fill out the sound such as reverb and chorus settings on the both his and his background singers mic. Distortion is often caused by too much reverb which explains what Bob heard when Mika spoke.

There were quite a few mistakes in Mika's performance - none very noticeable but they were there. It's Mika's job not to bring attention to his mistakes as a performer and that's what he did.

Had Bob stayed or saw Mika's performance of "Lollipop" - he would have seen there was no way it could have been anything other than live.

Mika Rocks!!!!!

Frank Grimaldi

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