Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Juliana Hatfield

Something to look forward to in 2010: Juliana Hatfield is promising a new record for February. It's been recorded in an apartment on an eight-track, which means both that it's stripped down and laid bare, and - more importantly - it'll be into profit from about the sixth download. The record is called Peace And Love, and, in case you're interested, this is the tracklisting:

1. Peace and Love
2. The End Of The War
3. Why Can't We Love Each Other
4. Butterflies
5. What Is Wrong
6. Unsung
7. Evan
8. Let's Go Home
9. I Picked You Up
10. Faith In Our Friends
11. I'm Disappearing
12. Dear Anonymous

Yes, yes. We're all fascinated by what track seven is going to say.

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