Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Radio sniffing

Meet Compare My Radio, a handy new service which tracks the music played by a selection of British radio stations and gives you the chance to compare them.

For example, have you ever wondered what's "Xtreme" about Absolute Xtreme?

Well, this is what the non-extreme, ordinary flavour of Absolute plays most:

1 Snow Patrol 169 plays
2 Kings of Leon 165 plays
3 Muse 165 plays
4 Kasabian 151 plays
5 Florence + The Machine 149 plays

And this is the most-played bands on Xtreme:

1 Kasabian 265 plays
2 Muse 262 plays
3 Foo Fighters 254 plays
4 The Temper Trap 253 plays
5 Kings of Leon 242 plays

See? Totally different stations. Xtreme doesn't play Snow Patrol anything like as much. Xtreme or what?


Paul Wells said...

Two quick points.
1) How come Absolute have much much lower total plays per 30 days compared to Xtreme? This means either Absolute have a much wider spread of music (this I doubt) or they have an awful lot more "chat" and adverts...

2) Who on earth are The Temper Trap? How have they passed me by? Should I be glad of this or should I be looking them up on Spotify?

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only person whose first question was about who on earth The Temper Trap are. I just looked them up. Turns out they've had a top ten hit?!?! Worse yet, it was last September! The song sounds a bit like a whiny With Or Without You to me. Rather laughably one of the YouTube comments compares them to the Cocteau Twins. Gosh, it really is funny being an indie snob sometimes. I don't know how I manage it.

(Sorry I linked to the song. It really isn't good. The only advise I can give to anyone brave enough to watch it is that, as way of an apology, you should watch the new film from the lovely The Lovely Eggs to promote their new Halloween single - "Haunt Me Out")

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