Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smart Weekend: Alice In Vain

Borrowing a line from Courtney Love - when it was possible to understand what Courtney Love was saying in order to be able to borrow her lines - Sleeper do Alice In Vain backstage at Glastonbury 1995:

And that, you'll be delighted to hear, concludes the Smart week(end), as there's no sign of either Twisted or Pyrotechnician on the tubes.


Paul Wells said...

great song, great album. Isn't that crowd a little large to be from backstage though?

simon h b said...

Yes, you're right - I thought it was part of the Channel 4 backstage stuff when I was bringing it over, but watching it, it clearly would have been ridiculous for Glastonbury to have had that many people backstage. In 1995.

The "VI"P area is that full these days, though

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