Saturday, October 17, 2009

Turn it down, Madonna

It's no fun living upstairs from Madonna, it turns out. Her upstairs neighbour, being a New Yorker, is resorting to legal action rather than merely banging on the floor with a broom handle:

Karen George, of Manhattan, lives above Madonna in a building on Central Park.

She said in a lawsuit filed Friday against the building's co-op board that the Material Girl is using her apartment as a rehearsal studio, forcing neighbors to endure "blaring music, stomping and shaking walls," for up to three hours each day.

George complained about "unreasonably high-decibel, amplified music" and vibrations pouring through walls, ceilings and radiators.

The complaint doesn't say if Madonna is playing her own music. If she is - especially if it's late-period - forget the lawsuit, Ms George, and head straight for the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishments.

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