Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waiter... there's a hair in my Lady GaGa

The main advantage, presumably, of a $100 limited edition Lady Gaga special edition is, that as it comes with a lock of her hair, you can extract her DNA and clone her.

That'd be one for the RIAA copyright squad to worry over. Perhaps there's a EULA which forbids you from reproducing the DNA. Or maybe you can if you get a PRS licence.

The rest of the overpriced, pointless package consists of:

* Collectible puzzle
* Pictorials
* A behind the scenes look at her creative process
* Pull out posters
* Themed fanzines
* A paper doll collection
* 3 D glasses to view forthcoming Gaga visuals
* Personal notes from the artist
* Each book individually numbered

Did anyone else experience a shudder at the pretrailing of 3D Lady GaGa visuals?

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