Saturday, November 28, 2009

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It's not often you see something billed as "their only interview this decade" and think "yes, I can believe that" - but somehow, I don't think we're going to see Liz Fraser popping up to do the same stories on Graham Norton next week, following her interview in yesterday's Guardian.

Karl T is sure there's an angle:

Liz (or Elizabeth, now she's all grown up) is interviewed in todays Guardian. I've checked the listings, and she's not performing her new single on X Factor this Saturday, but could the denizens of the jungle be getting an etherial, otherwordly sonic-chathedral-y mystery guest this week?

Either that, or they're really desperate to fill the time on Strictly.

The interview revisit the failed reunion tour:
According to bassist Simon Raymonde, the band stood to benefit to the tune of £1.5m each for getting back together – enough to guarantee them financial security, enough to secure the future of Raymonde's Bella Union label.

There was just one problem. Within weeks of the announcement, the group's singer, Elizabeth Fraser, announced she wouldn't take part.

"I don't remember it being that much money and in any case that's not the reason [for reforming]," she says today, in her first interview since the band split in 1998. "But people get so fucking carried away. Even though something's staring you in the face, people just cannot see it. I knew it wouldn't happen and it didn't take long to want out."


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing her being interviewed about Jeff Buckley on some BBC documentary earlier in the decade. Does that count?

Moses sound good. Hopefully the sign of things to come?

Olive said...

@Anonymous: you mean this one?

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