Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cheryl Cole gets stuck on her hairspray

You think it's all fun being paid a ridiculous sum of money to endorse products?

Oh, if only that was the case:

CHERYL Cole's fashion advisors fear she is LOSING this season's glamour battle with rival judge Dannii Minogue - because she is BANNED by L'Oreal from changing her hair.

Girls Aloud star Cheryl, 26, has to keep her tresses the same as on her ads for the hair company under the terms of a £500,000 sponsorship deal.

Meanwhile glamorous Dannii, 38, has been sporting various funky styles including an Elvis QUIFF, Cleopatra FRINGE, pixie CROP and Bardot BOB.

To be honest, if someone gave me half a million to look a little less desperate for attention than Dannii Minogue, I'd consider it money for jam.

Cheryl is also reported to be finding it difficult sticking to demand that she doesn't beat the crap out of minimum-wage toilet attendants for the length of the sponsorship.

Still, she's lucky that other parts of the Nestle empire aren't so fussy. L'Oreal might be insisting she uses their products, but at least KitKat aren't making her force a couple of fingers down before each programme.

Hmmm. She's taking a lot of money from Nestle, isn't she?