Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Looking out for Chipmunk

If Chipmunk has seriously been posting suicidal thoughts to Twitter, and it's really because he's having trouble coping with the fame and attention, doesn't running a massive story about it across two pages of The Sun make it worse?

Gordon tries to tack on some social conscience at the end:

Years ago a young artist would have slowly developed their career. But today they are thrown straight into things.

Really? What about Lena Zavaroni? Or Leif Garrett? Or.... who was that chap, the one with the nose, who was in the papers a few weeks ago when his short, mangled life came to a very public end? Michael something?

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James said...

If Gordon's genuinely concerned for 'the poor lad', he might want to ask one of his computer boffins to moderate the story's Comments section a bit more. Sun readers at their most compassionate...

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