Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gordon Russell in the morning: Must we fling this filth, etc?

You'll remember Russell Brand, won't you? It's only a year since The Sun was calling him "smuuty", "vile", "sick", "filthy", a "juvenile... overpaid twerp".

In short, then, he's the perfect man to guest-edit Bizarre.

Still, out of deference to the polite and family-friendly tit-publishing newspaper he's working for, Russell keeps it clean:

JEDWARD mania has given me a novel idea of how one could reunite OASIS - give the band a new name that's a combination of the Gallagher brothers' names.

NIAM or LOEL? Could that work?

Dull as a fishcake without the breadcrumbs, admittedly. But clean.

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Anonymous said...

So I presume Noel isn't quite old enough yet to be provided with Veteran Entertainer Tabloid Protection as typically offered by The Sun. Hmm... how long before he's considered protected from Brand comments.

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