Monday, November 02, 2009

Griffin done: Mitch Winehouse

Living TV's plans for a web series of interviews done by Mitch Winehouse in a taxi has already picked up a lot of publicity, but Zoe Griffin has her own angle on the story, naturally:

The Hoff is one of the coolest and funniest celebs I have ever met and Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch is a straight-talking genius so I was really excited to hear that the two will combine for a 3.5 minute show for internet site Liv.

David Haselhoff is really one of the coolest and funniest celebrities you've met? Good god, who are the other famous people you've come across? Tommy Cannon and The Singing Postman?

You might have thought that such an admirer of the Hoff would, erm, be able to spell his name correctly:

If only they added him to spell check, eh?

Let's just pause for a while at the idea of Mitch Winehouse being "a straight-talking genius". Fair enough, it would mean there was more behind the decision to sign him up as a chat show host than "he's related to someone famous", but how does this "genius" manifest itself, exactly? And what would a genius get out of talking to The Bloke From The Programme That People Watched To See The Women In Swimsuits, exactly?

Still, nice to know that it's "3.5 minutes". Hopefully Living will provide a digital clock counting down to the end of the affair.

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