Sunday, November 01, 2009

Knock Off Nigel rides again

The intellectual property industry hasn't quietly dropped its toe-curlingly bad Knock-Off Nigel campaign. Oh no.

The supposedly cash-strapped business sector has pumped a bunch of cash into making something it clearly thinks will appeal to young people. Teaming up with readers' wives title Nuts (classy move, there), they've created a never-actually-funny video which you can "customise" with your friend's face and name to make it seem like they're Knock-Off Nigels, too. Oh, what larks.

Nuts are, of course, being paid to distribute this, but it seems that even they realise it's a bit weak. It's so far from compelling, in fact, they have to stick an introduction more-or-less begging you to watch:

Keep waiting - it's worth it!

Nuts Editor

I love the way rather than having a name, it's just "Nuts editor". Like when The Beano editor used to appear in The Bash Street Kids.