Sunday, November 01, 2009

Knock Off Nigel rides again

The intellectual property industry hasn't quietly dropped its toe-curlingly bad Knock-Off Nigel campaign. Oh no.

The supposedly cash-strapped business sector has pumped a bunch of cash into making something it clearly thinks will appeal to young people. Teaming up with readers' wives title Nuts (classy move, there), they've created a never-actually-funny video which you can "customise" with your friend's face and name to make it seem like they're Knock-Off Nigels, too. Oh, what larks.

Nuts are, of course, being paid to distribute this, but it seems that even they realise it's a bit weak. It's so far from compelling, in fact, they have to stick an introduction more-or-less begging you to watch:

Keep waiting - it's worth it!

Nuts Editor

I love the way rather than having a name, it's just "Nuts editor". Like when The Beano editor used to appear in The Bash Street Kids.

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James said...

Good to see Nuts magazine embracing the fight against intellectual property theft. Does this mean they've stopped reproducing funny Photoshop images from the B3ta messageboard without permission, taking care to crop out the artists' signature?

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