Friday, November 20, 2009

Morrissey doesn't suffer fools at all

I suppose, given that he's having a bit of a shit time on his current tour, it's understanable that when he does turn up, Morrissey is grumpy old sod.

In Hamburg, somebody decided to boo when Mozzer launched into his vegetarian speech.

Did Morrissey laugh it off?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Ehm. What's with the people shouting "Well done Morrissey"? He just threw somebody out purely for disagreeing with him. We may well have come to expect this behaviour from him (Godwin in one post reminder: Hitler was a vegetarian) but that's no excuse for supporting his absurd pettiness. Throwing out paying customers and putting off others. Would they be supporting him if he was doing his xenophobic nonsense again? Gosh he pisses me off. "Ask" seemed good though. Quite heavy by the sounds of it. Bloody bastard with his great back catalogue to fall back on.

Mikey said...

Right wing bigots are justly condemned at every turn, but bigots of various other flavours - as in this case - seem to get a free ride.

You don't need to buy an armband to be a Nazi.

simon h b said...

It's possible the audience were just happy that he threw the fan out rather than flouncing off...

ShaunCG said...

Anonymous - this isn't relevant to the point of your argument, but Hitler wasn't vegetarian. He loved meat, particularly game birds apparently, but in later life suffered from debilitating stomach cramps. He experimented with cutting meat (and other foods) from his diet to deal with this, but would relapse every so often.

As for dear old Mozzer, well, having not seen the video I won't comment on the specifics, but perhaps it's fair to chuck someone out for not coming up with an imaginative heckle...

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