Sunday, November 15, 2009

This week just gone

This year's most-asked questions, according to Google search terms:

1. Why no AC/DC on iTunes?
2. Whatever happened to Samantha Mumba?
3. Who owns guitar hero?
4. What happened to Rick Waller?
5. Who is Beth Ditto?
6. What genre are Kasabian?
7. Who's gay in hip-hop?
8. Where does Chad Kroeger live?
9. Why the Fugees split?
10. When are the Brit Awards 2010?

This were new, and might be worth having a looks at:

The Clientelle - Bonfires On The Heath

download On The Heath

Kate Rusby - Sweet Bells

Martha Wainwright - Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, A Paris

download Sans Fusils...

Laura Gibson - Beasts Of Seasons

download Beasts Of Seasons

Elton Deans Ninesense - Happy Daze + Oh! For The Edge

download Moorsong

X Ray Spex - Live At The Roundhouse

download Live At The Roundhouse

Melt Banana - Lite Live Ver 0.0

download Scratch Or Stitch

Howard Jones - Ordinary Heroes

download Ordinary Heroes