Thursday, December 03, 2009

Madonna: Or, to put it another way...

The bust image of a middle-aged blond woman with deep-blue eyes. Her hair is parted from the middle and falls in waves upto her neck. She is wearing a brown and black printed dress with the front open. A black chain is wound around her neck. She is looking slightly towards the right of the image and smiling.

That's the alt text from the main image on the Madonna Wikipedia. It's very detailed, but... has Madonna fallen so far from popular acclaim that a full description of her stance is going to mean more to people than her name?


Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid. That is a longdesc style description of the image for the visually impaired!

simon h b said...

But it's appearing as the Alt Text. Also, really longdesc is intended to be used when the image requires a long description - which this one doesn't. What's more usable - knowing that there's a picture of Madonna, or knowing that there's a picture of an unnamed woman looking just off-right?

Anonymous said...

What? You're making my head hurt. What was the point of this? Are you drunk?

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