Monday, December 14, 2009

News Corp screws musicians as Imeem debts dumped

Rupert Murdoch is fond of lecturing on morality - The Sun, John Gaunt, Fox News, it's all about telling people about what they believe to be right. And wrong.

How about deliberately cutting lose thousands of musicians from their payments? Where does that sit on the morality wheel? Because that's what the News Corp MySpace takeover of Imeem, as Hypebot reports:

MySpace only bought some of imeem's assets and assumed none of its mounting debts. Included in those unpaid debts were money owed to the 110,000 artists who used imeem owned SnoCap to sell there music on the web on a number of sites including imeem and MySpace itself.

Classy - not just dumping people who thought they'd made a few dollars through Imeem, but people who'd used MySpace official sales platform to sell songs, only for MySpace to diddle them out the money they'd earned.

Merry Christmas, everyone.